The bikes that I design and build are handmade. By me. For you.

I build in lightweight and super-lightweight steel. Steel frames offer a ride that is resilient and comfortable, with great road feedback transmitted through the tubing. Many people think that steel bikes are heavy – well, that may have been the case thirty years ago, but modern high-strength steel alloys and heat-treated steel alloys allow the latest generation of steel frames to be built as light as titanium; more durable than aluminum; more comfortable than carbon; and more beautiful than any of them!

I have been building frames for over 30 years. While I have built racing bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes and even tandems, these days my focus is on road bikes: all-road bikes, randonneur bikes, touring bikes, and gravel bikes. My passion is the open road. I’ve owned over a hundred bikes since I began cycling seriously in 1978; I still have way too many of them! I’ve always been curious as to what properties make a bike handle the way it does – my studies of bike geometry, bike fitting, bike variations have allowed me to design bikes that ride the way they should, for the intended rider; and design bikes that become lifelong companions for their owners.