Bikes, Frames, and Pricing

The price of a custom frame varies quite a bit, depending on a number of variables. I design a bike for someone by consulting with them about what they are looking for; what type of riding they will be doing, and what level of finishing they are looking for. The cost of the tube set, the complexity of the build process, the cost of the lugs and bottom bracket and dropouts, and the complexity of the paint job are all taken into account to create a price for a new frame. I offer frames and I offer complete bikes.

As of February 2024, a custom frame and fork start at $2700. The type of tubing we select, the type of fabrication we choose (steel lugs or stainless lugs or fillet-brazing), the variations in brazed-on fittings required, the type of fork (steel or carbon) all play a part in determining the final price. Every bike I build is custom-built, so there is no set price list. I can build bikes with componentry from Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo. For a free and accurate quote, contact me.